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Vertėjas This is a demo application for Crypto App template on Codecanyon. With this template you can create your own digital currency trading application with beautiful design and animations! It is quick, easy and affordable.

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Crypto app has many clever built-in features. This template provides you easy way to make your own app. It does not require programming skills. Code is easily configurable and customizable.


There is just one config file to setting up everything. Project is well documented. Create your own app in less than 15 minutes without any special knowledge!

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It's easier than you think. App shows basic coin fundaments and an interactive chart with price history.

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See the full list of features below. We have a lot of experience with developing Android apps. Our priority is to create crypto dot coin quality products with beautiful design, crypto dot coin a perfectly clean code and make apps easily configurable and customizable. We are following Android Design Guidelines and permanently watching new trends.

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